Who are we

The Follow Me Association is a non-profit organization that is a natural extension of an informal Support Club group. Until now, the informal group has been involved in various charitable initiatives, actively engaged in environmental causes and conducted trainings on various socially significant topics.

It was created in 2012 by young people in the Dobrich and Varna region, and in 2018 it was registered as an NGO.


Main goals of the association

Creation, strengthening and optimization of contacts and interaction of the NGO sector with various sectors, institutions, organizations and administrative structures in the country and abroad and all activities that are of public interest and that do not contradict the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Achieving and maintaining European standards in various areas and directions.

Expert and methodical assistance in various spheres of public life – ecology and environment; transportation; administrative capacity, human resources, regional development, competitiveness, territorial and international cooperation, education, youth activities, health care, social activities, psychology, etc.

Creation, maintenance and management of scientific and organizational relationships, agreements for cooperation and joint activity with related organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad to achieve common goals.

Facilitate the international exchange of trainees, volunteers, experts and researchers, programmes, literature, equipment and scientific information.

Activities supporting the process of gender equality and anti-discrimination, school community development, education and non-formal education, ecology, social activities and psychology, youth activities, health care, etc.

Organization and holding of conferences and seminars, studies and analyses, development projects, programs, strategies and plans, consultations and expertise, research and innovation.

Our partners are: municipalities, kindergartens and schools, administrations and business companies.

The association participates in a number of youth initiatives, organizes trainings, seminars, round tables and studies on topics related to health, youth and social entrepreneurship in the area.

Our team consists of specialists, experts, youth workers and volunteers, and their participation in the activities of the association is directly related to their desire to spread effective methods for dealing with youth problems.

In 2015, we participated in various volunteer initiatives, actively participate in causes.

In 2016, we got involved and organized various initiatives related to education and social responsibility. Some of them are Earth Day – 22.04., International Youth Day – 12.08.

In the kindergartens, we taught the children about the importance of individual waste collection.

The association implements initiatives related to increasing children’s readiness for school, increasing knowledge about the environment, combating discrimination, equal opportunities, etc.


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