Mobility under 2021-1-BG-01-KA220-YOU-000028703 “Youth Challenge” has ended, Athens, Greece

Mobility under 2021-1-BG-01-KA220-YOU-000028703 “Youth Challenge” has ended, Athens, Greece

We are a leading organization under the „Youth Challenge“ project. We aimed to develop the competencies of experts (trainers, psychologists, social workers, etc.) for social responsibility, civic commitment and tolerance, raising awareness of problems in the field of youth employment, youth and social entrepreneurship. We aimed to improve the skills of experts working with young people to prevent and combat discrimination, segregation, social exclusion, as well as to increase the level of civic engagement by stimulating critical thinking.

14 youth workers, trainers and experts participated in the training. Mobility helped them learn new competences about youth employment issues, skills to prevent discriminatory behavior and how to deal with existing ones. Thanks to our training, we have given a new vision to these problems and built the skills to empathize with them. With this training, we were able to build a new view on communicating with young people. Through mobility in Greece (at the EU level) we have built new better practices, methods, tools for working with young people and especially those subject to social exclusion.

The main goal of the project is the development, construction and application of the acquired new competencies and skills for proper communication and work with young people, who have yet to prove themselves on the labor market. Through the implementation of the project we achieved:

  • improving and learning new qualitative methods of working with youth
  • creating proper communication skills and skills to deal with discriminatory practices
  • building supportive behavior with young people experiencing social exclusion
  • improvement of social-communicative competences for working with young people with disabilities
  • Training to increase personal and professional knowledge, skills and competences to promote social dialogue to develop new methods of working and communicating with young people and setting a positive example for this.

Through international cooperation and this training, we at Follow Me Association have successfully expanded the range of our activities from national to European level and built new and creative practices, methods, tools, ideas and ways to put knowledge into practice. Successful cooperation with partners contributed to the positive results, thanks to the correct and two-way communication with them.




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